Jet Airways Airport Check In

Check in at Jet Airways can happen in many ways. This includes airport check in, kiosk check in, mobile check in and tele check in. Different types of check in methods are developed to ensure that passengers do not face hassles at airport. These reduce the waiting time of passengers at airport check in counters considerably. Web Check in has been discussed separately. Here we are mentioning about the Airport and other methods of checking in.

Airport Check In

Domestic flights opening time of check in counters: 120 minutes before departure; closing time: 45 minutes before departure.Passengers shall complete check in at least 60 minutes before departure of flight.

From J&K, passengers shall check in at least 120 minutes before departure of flights.

Passengers who have used the tele check in method are required to be at airport at least 50 minutes before departure.

International flights opening time is 180 minutes before departure of flights. Closure time is 60 minutes before departure. Boarding gates close 25 minutes before departure of flights.

Tele Check In

Travelers can call the customer service of Jet Airways and ask for their preferred seat. But, boarding pass will have to be collected at the airport.

Within India: Premiere class travelers and Jet Privilege Platinum and Gold members can tele check in from 48 hrs to 2 hrs  before departure of flight. Those who are Silver members can Tele check in from 24 hrs to 2 hrs before departure of flight. Boarding passes shall be collected before 50 minutes from departure time of flight failing which the assigned seats will be released for other passengers

International Travel: 48 hours upto 4 hrs is the timeline for check in for First, Premiere and Gold and Platinum FFP. Silver members can tele checkin between 24 hrs to 4 hrs. Boarding pass from the airport shall be collected 60 minutes before flight departure.

Same Day Return Check in

If you are returning the same day from any place within India, you can check in only once and at the point of origin of first leg of journey. This is not available for international flights.

Through Check in Facility For Same Ticket Flights

Jet Airways provides the through check in facility for flights connecting to or from India on the condition that these flights are on same ticket and being flown by airline partners. Using this facility, the person would be able to get boarding pass and bag tags at the first point of journey itself. Another important point to note in this respect is that the connecting time between arrival and departure shall not exceed 24 hours.

Through Check in Facility For Different Ticket Flights

Although through check in is available on same ticket flights only, there are situations when this facility can also be availed for different ticket flights as well. This is when:

For domestic flights, stopover is less than 12 hours, Jet Airways is the carrier on all legs of journey and itinerary is booked on ticket issued by Jet airways beginning with 589/705.

For international flights originating from India where separate tickets are issued for domestic and international routes, the stopover shall be less than 12 hrs, Jet airways is the carrier on both legs of journey and ticket issues on number 589/705.

Jet Airways Kiosk Check in

Within India, timelines for kiosk check in are 45 minutes to 24 hours.

For International travel, timelines are 60 minutes to 24 hours before departure of flights.

It is available in following cities at present

Aurangabad Dibrugarh Kolkata Port Blair
Bagdogra Dubai Leh Raipur
Bengaluru Hyderabad Madurai Rajkot
Bhopal Indore Mangalore Ranchi
Chandigarh Imphal Mumbai Silchar
Chennai Jammu Patna Vadodara
Delhi Kochi Pune

Process for Kiosk Check In

Step 1: Verify name by swiping FFP card/Debit card/Credit card.

Step 2: Enter PNR no/ reservation record as on eticket

Step 3: Review and confirm itinerary

Step 4: Choose seat

Step 5: Print boarding pass. Go to security clearance.

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