Jet Airways Flight Schedule

Jet Airways Flight Schedule
Do you want to know which all cities are connected by Jet Airways flights? Find below the routes which are flown by Jet Airways. Click on the route you are looking for and you will find the Jet Airways flight schedule (time table) for that route. This facility is to help you plan your travel conveniently and book flights while knowing the days and times of flight.

Origin – Destination
Ahmedabad-Abu Dhabi Ahmedabad-Aizawl Ahmedabad-Delhi
Ahmedabad-Guwahati Ahmedabad-Indore Ahmedabad-Lucknow
Ahmedabad-Mangalore Ahmedabad-Mumbai Aizawl-Ahmedabad
Aizawl-Delhi Aizawl-Guwahati Aizawl-Kolkata
Aizawl-Mumbai Alahsa-Dammam Al ain-Abu Dhabi
Amman-Abu Dhabi Amritsar-Chennai Amritsar-Delhi
Amritsar-Kolkata Amritsar-Mumbai Amritsar-Pune
Amsterdam- Amsterdam-Aberdeen Amsterdam-Abu Dhabi
Amsterdam-Arlanda Amsterdam-Athens Amsterdam-Atlanta
Amsterdam-Austin Amsterdam-Barcelona Amsterdam-Basel
Amsterdam-Belfast Amsterdam-Bengaluru Amsterdam-Berlin Tegel
Amsterdam-Bilbao Amsterdam-Birmingham Amsterdam-Bologna
Amsterdam-Boston Amsterdam-Bristol Amsterdam-Brussels
Amsterdam-Budapest Amsterdam-Calgary Amsterdam-Cardiff
Amsterdam-Charles De Gaulle Amsterdam-Chicago Amsterdam-Copenhagen
Amsterdam-Delhi Amsterdam-Detroit Amsterdam-Dublin
Amsterdam-Dulles Amsterdam-Dusseldorf Amsterdam-Edinburgh
Amsterdam-Edmonton Amsterdam-Fiumicino Amsterdam-Frankfurt
Amsterdam-Geneva Amsterdam-Glasgow Amsterdam-Gothenburg
Amsterdam-Hamburg Amsterdam-Hanover Amsterdam-Helsinki
Amsterdam-Houston Amsterdam-Humberside Amsterdam-Inverness
Amsterdam-Krakow Amsterdam-Las Vegas Amsterdam-Leeds
Amsterdam-Lisbon Amsterdam-London Amsterdam-Los Angeles
Amsterdam-Lyon Amsterdam-Madrid Amsterdam-Manchester
Amsterdam-Mexico City Amsterdam-Milan Amsterdam-Minneapolis
Amsterdam-Montreal Amsterdam-Mumbai Amsterdam-Munich
Amsterdam-Newark Amsterdam-Newcastle Amsterdam-New York
Amsterdam-Nice Amsterdam-Nuremberg Amsterdam-Orlando
Amsterdam-Oslo Amsterdam-Portland Amsterdam-Porto
Amsterdam-Prague Amsterdam-Salt Lake City Amsterdam-San Francisco
Amsterdam-Seattle Amsterdam-Stuttgart Amsterdam-Toronto
Amsterdam-Vancouver Amsterdam-Venice Amsterdam-Vienna
Amsterdam-Warsaw Amsterdam-Zurich Arlanda-Amsterdam
Arlanda-Charles De Gaulle Athens-Abu Dhabi Athens-Amsterdam
Athens-Charles De Gaulle Atlanta-Amsterdam Atlanta-Austin
Atlanta-Boston Atlanta-Charles De Gaulle Atlanta-Charlotte
Atlanta-Chicago Atlanta-Cincinnati Atlanta-Columbus
Atlanta-Denver Atlanta-Detroit Atlanta-Fayetteville
Atlanta-Fort Worth Atlanta-Houston Atlanta-Jacksonville
Atlanta-Kansas City Atlanta-Las Vegas Atlanta-London
Atlanta-Los Angeles Atlanta-Memphis Atlanta-Miami
Atlanta-Minneapolis Atlanta-Nashville Atlanta-Newark
Atlanta-New Orleans Atlanta-New York Atlanta-Omaha
Atlanta-Orlando Atlanta-Philadelphia Atlanta-Phoenix
Atlanta-Pittsburgh Atlanta-Portland Atlanta-Raleigh Durham
Atlanta-Salt Lake City Atlanta-San Diego Atlanta-San Francisco
Atlanta-San Jose Atlanta-Seattle Atlanta-St Louis
Atlanta-Tampa Auckland-Hong Kong Aurangabad-Delhi
Aurangabad-Mumbai Austin-Amsterdam Austin-Atlanta
Austin-Detroit Austin-Minneapolis Austin-New York
Austin-Salt Lake City Bagdogra-Delhi Bagdogra-Kolkata
Bagdogra-Mumbai Bahrain-Dammam Bahrain-Mumbai
Baltimore-New York Bangkok-Delhi Bangkok-Hanoi
Bangkok-Hong Kong Bangkok-ho chi minh city Bangkok-Incheon
Bangkok-Mumbai Bangkok-Singapore Bangkok-Sydney
Bangkok-Tokyo Barcelona-Amsterdam Barcelona-Charles De Gaulle
Basel Mulhouse-Charles De Gaulle Belgrade-Abu Dhabi Bengaluru-Abu Dhabi
Bengaluru-Amsterdam Bengaluru-Charles De Gaulle Bengaluru-Chennai
Bengaluru-Coimbatore Bengaluru-Colombo Bengaluru-Delhi
Bengaluru-Guwahati Bengaluru-Hyderabad Bengaluru-Jodhpur
Bengaluru-Kolkata Bengaluru-Kozhikode Bengaluru-Kuala Lumpur
Bengaluru-Lucknow Bengaluru-Madurai Bengaluru-Mangalore
Bengaluru-Mumbai Bengaluru-Nagpur Bengaluru-Pune
Bengaluru-Silchar Bengaluru-Singapore Bengaluru-Thiruvananthapuram
Bengaluru-Udaipur Bengaluru-Varanasi Bengaluru-visakhapatnam
Berlin Tegel-Amsterdam Berlin Tegel-Charles De Gaulle Bhopal-Delhi
Bhopal-Mumbai Bhubaneswar-Indore Bhuj-Delhi
Bhuj-Mumbai Bilbao-Amsterdam Bilbao-Charles De Gaulle
Birmingham-Amsterdam Birmingham-Charles De Gaulle Bologna-Amsterdam
Bologna-Charles De Gaulle Bologna-Fiumicino Boston-Amsterdam
Boston-Atlanta Boston-Charles De Gaulle Boston-Detroit
Boston-Las Vegas Boston-London Boston-Minneapolis
Boston-New York Boston-Orlando Boston-Pittsburgh
Boston-Salt Lake City Boston-Seattle Brisbane-Hong Kong
Brisbane-Singapore Bristol-Amsterdam Brussels-Abu Dhabi
Brussels-Amsterdam Budapest-Amsterdam Budapest-Charles De Gaulle
Buffalo-New York Calgary-Amsterdam Calgary-London
Chandigarh-Chennai Chandigarh-Dehradun Chandigarh-Delhi
Chandigarh-Jaipur Chandigarh-Lucknow Chandigarh-Mumbai
Chandigarh-visakhapatnam Charlotte-Atlanta Charlotte-Detroit
Charlotte-Minneapolis Charlotte-Salt Lake City Chennai-Abu Dhabi
Chennai-Amritsar Chennai-Bengaluru Chennai-Chandigarh
Chennai-Charles De Gaulle Chennai-Coimbatore Chennai-Delhi
Chennai-Indore Chennai-Kuala Lumpur Chennai-Lucknow
Chennai-Madurai Chennai-Mangalore Chennai-Mumbai
Chennai-Port Blair Chennai-Pune Chennai-Rajkot
Chennai-Singapore Chennai-Tiruchirapalli Chennai-Vadodara
Chicago-Abu Dhabi Chicago-Amsterdam Chicago-Atlanta
Chicago-Charles De Gaulle Chicago-Detroit Chicago-Minneapolis
Cincinnati-Atlanta Cincinnati-Boston Cincinnati-Charles De Gaulle
Cincinnati-Detroit Cincinnati-Salt Lake City Cincinnati-Seattle
Cleveland-New York Coimbatore-Amritsar Coimbatore-Bengaluru
Coimbatore-Chennai Coimbatore-Delhi Coimbatore-Mumbai
Coimbatore-Pune Colombo-Bengaluru Colombo-Mumbai
Columbus-Atlanta Columbus-Minneapolis Copenhagen-Amsterdam
Copenhagen-Charles De Gaulle Dammam-Alahsa Dammam-Delhi
Dammam-Hyderabad Dammam-Kochi Dammam-Kozhikode
Dammam-Mumbai Dammam-Thiruvananthapuram Dammam Sabtco Bus Station-Bahrain
Darwin-Singapore Dar es salaam-Abu Dhabi Dehradun-Bengaluru
Dehradun-Delhi Dehradun-Jaipur Dehradun-Mumbai
Dehradun-Srinagar Delhi- Delhi-Abu Dhabi
Delhi-Ahmedabad Delhi-Aizawl Delhi-Amritsar
Delhi-Amsterdam Delhi-Aurangabad Delhi-Bagdogra
Delhi-Bangkok Delhi-Bengaluru Delhi-Bhopal
Delhi-Bhuj Delhi-Chandigarh Delhi-Charles De Gaulle
Delhi-Chennai Delhi-Coimbatore Delhi-Dammam
Delhi-Dehradun Delhi-Dhaka Delhi-Doha
Delhi-Dubai Delhi-Guwahati Delhi-Hong Kong
Delhi-Hyderabad Delhi-Incheon Delhi-Indore
Delhi-Jaipur Delhi-Jodhpur Delhi-Jorhat
Delhi-Jullundur Delhi-Kathmandu Delhi-Khajuraho
Delhi-Kochi Delhi-Kolkata Delhi-Kuala Lumpur
Delhi-Leh Delhi-London Delhi-Lucknow
Delhi-Madurai Delhi-Mangalore Delhi-Mumbai
Delhi-Muscat Delhi-Nagpur Delhi-Patna
Delhi-Port Blair Delhi-Pune Delhi-Raipur
Delhi-Riyadh Delhi-Shanghai Delhi-Silchar
Delhi-Singapore Delhi-Srinagar Delhi-Thiruvananthapuram
Delhi-Tokyo Delhi-Toronto Delhi-Udaipur
Delhi-Varanasi Denpasar bali-Hong Kong Denpasar bali-Singapore
Denver-Atlanta Denver-Cincinnati Denver-Detroit
Denver-Minneapolis Denver-New York Denver-Salt Lake City
Denver-Seattle Detroit-Amsterdam Detroit-Atlanta
Detroit-Austin Detroit-Boston Detroit-Charles De Gaulle
Detroit-Charlotte Detroit-Chicago Detroit-Denver
Detroit-Dulles Detroit-Fort Lauderdale Detroit-Las Vegas
Detroit-London Detroit-Minneapolis Detroit-Newark
Detroit-New York Detroit-Orlando Detroit-Philadelphia
Detroit-Phoenix Detroit-Pittsburgh Detroit-Portland
Detroit-Raleigh Durham Detroit-Salt Lake City Detroit-San Diego
Detroit-San Francisco Detroit-Seattle Detroit-St Louis
Detroit-Tampa Dhaka-Delhi Dhaka-Kolkata
Dhaka-Mumbai Doha-Delhi Doha-Kochi
Doha-Kozhikode Doha-Mumbai Doha-Thiruvananthapuram
Dubai-Delhi Dubai-Kochi Dubai-Mangalore
Dubai-Mumbai Dubai Bus Station-Abu Dhabi Dublin-Abu Dhabi
Dublin-Amsterdam Dublin-Charles De Gaulle Dulles-Abu Dhabi
Dulles-Amsterdam Dulles-Charles De Gaulle Dulles-Detroit
Dulles-London Dulles-New York Dusseldorf-Abu Dhabi
Dusseldorf-Amsterdam Dusseldorf-Charles De Gaulle Edinburgh-Abu Dhabi
Edinburgh-Amsterdam Edinburgh-Charles De Gaulle Edmonton-Amsterdam
Entebbe-Abu Dhabi Fayetteville-Atlanta Florence-Fiumicino
Fort Lauderdale-Detroit Fort Lauderdale-New York Fort Worth-Abu Dhabi
Fort Worth-Atlanta Fort Worth-New York Frankfurt-Abu Dhabi
Frankfurt-Amsterdam Frankfurt-Charles De Gaulle Geneva-Abu Dhabi
Geneva-Amsterdam Geneva-Charles De Gaulle Glasgow-Amsterdam
Goa-Abu Dhabi Goa-Delhi Goa-Indore
Goa-Jodhpur Goa-Kolkata Goa-Mumbai
Gothenburg-Amsterdam Gothenburg-Charles De Gaulle Guwahati-Ahmedabad
Guwahati-Aizawl Guwahati-Bengaluru Guwahati-Delhi
Guwahati-Jorhat Guwahati-Kolkata Guwahati-Lucknow
Guwahati-Pune Guwahati-Silchar Hamburg-Amsterdam
Hamburg-Charles De Gaulle Hanoi-Bangkok Hanoi-Hong Kong
Hanoi-Singapore Hanover-Amsterdam Hanover-Charles De Gaulle
Helsinki-Amsterdam Hong Kong-Auckland Hong Kong-Bangkok
Hong Kong-Brisbane Hong Kong-Delhi Hong Kong-Denpasar bali
Hong Kong-Hanoi Hong Kong-ho chi minh city Hong Kong-Incheon
Hong Kong-Melbourne Hong Kong-Mumbai Hong Kong-NADI
Hong Kong-Nagoya Hong Kong-Okinawa Hong Kong-Osaka
Hong Kong-Singapore Hong Kong-Sydney Hong Kong-Tokyo
Houston-Amsterdam Houston-Atlanta Houston-Charles De Gaulle
ho chi minh city-Bangkok ho chi minh city-Hong Kong ho chi minh city-Singapore
Hyderabad-Abu Dhabi Hyderabad-Bengaluru Hyderabad-Dammam
Hyderabad-Delhi Hyderabad-Kuala Lumpur Hyderabad-Mangalore
Hyderabad-Mumbai Hyderabad-Pune Hyderabad-Rajahmundry
Hyderabad-Vadodara Imphal-Kolkata Incheon-Bangkok
Incheon-Delhi Incheon-Hong Kong Incheon-Mumbai
Incheon-Singapore Indianapolis-Charles De Gaulle Indianapolis-New York
Indore-Ahmedabad Indore-Bengaluru Indore-Chennai
Indore-Delhi Indore-Jaipur Indore-Lucknow
Indore-Mumbai Indore-Pune Istanbul-Abu Dhabi
Jacksonville-Atlanta Jacksonville-New York Jaipur-Abu Dhabi
Jaipur-Chandigarh Jaipur-Dehradun Jaipur-Delhi
Jaipur-Indore Jaipur-Lucknow Jaipur-Mumbai
Jaipur-Udaipur Jakarta-Singapore Jeddah-Mumbai
Jodhpur- Jodhpur-Bengaluru Jodhpur-Delhi
Jodhpur-Mumbai Johannesburg-Abu Dhabi Johannesburg-Mahe
Jorhat-Delhi Jorhat-Guwahati Jorhat-Kolkata
Jorhat-Lucknow Jullundur-Delhi Kansas City-Atlanta
Kathmandu-Delhi Kathmandu-Mumbai Khajuraho-Delhi
Khajuraho-Varanasi Kochi-Abu Dhabi Kochi-Dammam
Kochi-Delhi Kochi-Doha Kochi-Dubai
Kochi-Mumbai Kochi-Muscat Kochi-Sharjah
Kolkata-Abu Dhabi Kolkata-Agartala Kolkata-Aizawl
Kolkata-Amritsar Kolkata-Bagdogra Kolkata-Bengaluru
Kolkata-Delhi Kolkata-Dhaka Kolkata-Goa
Kolkata-Guwahati Kolkata-Imphal Kolkata-Jorhat
Kolkata-Kunming Kolkata-Lucknow Kolkata-Mumbai
Kolkata-Port Blair Kolkata-Pune Kolkata-Silchar
Kolkata-Vadodara Kozhikode-Abu Dhabi Kozhikode-Bengaluru
Kozhikode-Dammam Kozhikode-Doha Kozhikode-Mumbai
Krakow-Amsterdam Kuala Lumpur-Bengaluru Kuala Lumpur-Chennai
Kuala Lumpur-Delhi Kuala Lumpur-Hyderabad Kuala Lumpur-Mumbai
Kuala Lumpur-Singapore Kunming-Kolkata Kuwait-Mumbai
Las Vegas-Amsterdam Las Vegas-Atlanta Las Vegas-Charles De Gaulle
Las Vegas-Minneapolis Las Vegas-New York Las Vegas-Salt Lake City
Las Vegas-Seattle Leeds-Amsterdam Leh-Delhi
Lisbon-Amsterdam Lisbon-Charles De Gaulle London-Abu Dhabi
London-Amsterdam London-Atlanta London-Boston
London-Calgary London-Charles De Gaulle London-Delhi
London-Detroit London-Dulles London-Fiumicino
London-Los Angeles London-Miami London-Minneapolis
London-Montreal London-Mumbai London-Newark
London-New York London-Ottawa London-Philadelphia
London-Portland London-Salt Lake City London-San Francisco
London-Seattle London-Toronto London-Vancouver
Los Angeles-Abu Dhabi Los Angeles-Amsterdam Los Angeles-Atlanta
Los Angeles-Charles De Gaulle Los Angeles-London Los Angeles-Minneapolis
Los Angeles-New York Los Angeles-Portland Los Angeles-Salt Lake City
Los Angeles-San Diego Los Angeles-San Francisco Los Angeles-San Jose
Lucknow-Abu Dhabi Lucknow-Ahmedabad Lucknow-Bengaluru
Lucknow-Chennai Lucknow-Delhi Lucknow-Guwahati
Lucknow-Indore Lucknow-Jaipur Lucknow-Jorhat
Lucknow-Kolkata Lucknow-Mumbai Lucknow-Pune
Lyon-Amsterdam Lyon-Charles De Gaulle Madrid-Abu Dhabi
Madrid-Amsterdam Madrid-Charles De Gaulle Madurai-Bengaluru
Madurai-Chennai Madurai-Delhi Madurai-Mumbai
Mahe-Abu Dhabi Mahe-Johannesburg Mahe-Mumbai
Male-Abu Dhabi Manchester-Abu Dhabi Manchester-Amsterdam
Manchester-Charles De Gaulle Mangalore-Abu Dhabi Mangalore-Ahmedabad
Mangalore-Bengaluru Mangalore-Chennai Mangalore-Delhi
Mangalore-Dubai Mangalore-Mumbai Marseille-Charles De Gaulle
Melbourne-Hong Kong Melbourne-Singapore Memphis-Atlanta
Mexico City-Amsterdam Mexico City-Charles De Gaulle Miami-Atlanta
Miami-Charles De Gaulle Miami-London Miami-New York
Milan-Abu Dhabi Milan-Amsterdam Milan-Charles De Gaulle
Minneapolis-Amsterdam Minneapolis-Atlanta Minneapolis-Austin
Minneapolis-Boston Minneapolis-Charles De Gaulle Minneapolis-Charlotte
Minneapolis-Chicago Minneapolis-Columbus Minneapolis-Denver
Minneapolis-Detroit Minneapolis-Las Vegas Minneapolis-London
Minneapolis-Los Angeles Minneapolis-Newark Minneapolis-New York
Minneapolis-Omaha Minneapolis-Orlando Minneapolis-Philadelphia
Minneapolis-Pittsburgh Minneapolis-Portland Minneapolis-Salt Lake City
Minneapolis-Seattle Montreal-Amsterdam Montreal-Charles De Gaulle
Montreal-London Mumbai- Mumbai-Abu Dhabi
Mumbai-Ahmedabad Mumbai-Aizawl Mumbai-Amsterdam
Mumbai-Aurangabad Mumbai-Bagdogra Mumbai-Bahrain
Mumbai-Bangkok Mumbai-Bengaluru Mumbai-Bhopal
Mumbai-Bhuj Mumbai-Chandigarh Mumbai-Charles De Gaulle
Mumbai-Chennai Mumbai-Coimbatore Mumbai-Colombo
Mumbai-Dammam Mumbai-Dehradun Mumbai-Delhi
Mumbai-Dhaka Mumbai-Doha Mumbai-Dubai
Mumbai-Goa Mumbai-Hong Kong Mumbai-Hyderabad
Mumbai-Incheon Mumbai-Indore Mumbai-Jaipur
Mumbai-Jeddah Mumbai-Jodhpur Mumbai-Kathmandu
Mumbai-Kochi Mumbai-Kolkata Mumbai-Kozhikode
Mumbai-Kuala Lumpur Mumbai-Kuwait Mumbai-London
Mumbai-Lucknow Mumbai-Madurai Mumbai-Mahe
Mumbai-Mangalore Mumbai-Muscat Mumbai-Nagpur
Mumbai-Nairobi Mumbai-Patna Mumbai-Pune
Mumbai-Raipur Mumbai-Rajkot Mumbai-Riyadh
Mumbai-Singapore Mumbai-Srinagar Mumbai-Thiruvananthapuram
Mumbai-Tokyo Mumbai-Udaipur Mumbai-Vadodara
Mumbai-visakhapatnam Munich-Abu Dhabi Munich-Amsterdam
Munich-Charles De Gaulle Muscat-Abu Dhabi Muscat-Delhi
Muscat-Kochi Muscat-Mumbai Muscat-Thiruvananthapuram
NADI-Hong Kong NADI-Singapore Nagoya-Hong Kong
Nagpur-Delhi Nagpur-Mumbai Nairobi-Abu Dhabi
Nairobi-Mumbai Naples-Fiumicino Nashville-Atlanta
Nashville-New York Newark-Amsterdam Newark-Atlanta
Newark-Charles De Gaulle Newark-Detroit Newark-London
Newark-Minneapolis Newark-Salt Lake City Newcastle-Amsterdam
Newcastle-Charles De Gaulle New Orleans-Atlanta New Orleans-New York
New York-Abu Dhabi New York-Amsterdam New York-Atlanta
New York-Austin New York-Baltimore New York-Boston
New York-Buffalo New York-Charles De Gaulle New York-Cleveland
New York-Denver New York-Detroit New York-Dulles
New York-Fort Lauderdale New York-Fort Worth New York-Indianapolis
New York-Jacksonville New York-Las Vegas New York-London
New York-Los Angeles New York-Miami New York-Minneapolis
New York-Nashville New York-New Orleans New York-Orlando
New York-Phoenix New York-Portland New York-Rochester
New York-Salt Lake City New York-San Diego New York-San Francisco
New York-Seattle New York-Tampa Nice-Amsterdam
Nice-Charles De Gaulle Nuremberg-Amsterdam Nuremberg-Charles De Gaulle
Okinawa-Hong Kong Omaha-Atlanta Omaha-Minneapolis
Orlando-Amsterdam Orlando-Atlanta Orlando-Cincinnati
Orlando-Minneapolis Orlando-New York Orlando-Raleigh Durham
Orlando-Salt Lake City Orlando-Seattle Osaka-Hong Kong
Oslo-Amsterdam Oslo-Charles De Gaulle Ottawa-London
Paris-Aberdeen Paris-Abu Dhabi Paris-Amsterdam
Paris-Arlanda Paris-Athens Paris-Atlanta
Paris-Barcelona Paris-Basel Paris-Bengaluru
Paris-Berlin Tegel Paris-Bilbao Paris-Birmingham
Paris-Bologna Paris-Boston Paris-Budapest
Paris-Chennai Paris-Chicago Paris-Cincinnati
Paris-Copenhagen Paris-Delhi Paris-Detroit
Paris-Dublin Paris-Dulles Paris-Dusseldorf
Paris-Edinburgh Paris-Fiumicino Paris-Frankfurt
Paris-Geneva Paris-Gothenburg Paris-Hamburg
Paris-Hanover Paris-Houston Paris-Indianapolis
Paris-Las Vegas Paris-Lisbon Paris-London
Paris-Los Angeles Paris-Lyon Paris-Madrid
Paris-Manchester Paris-Marseille Paris-Mexico City
Paris-Miami Paris-Milan Paris-Minneapolis
Paris-Montreal Paris-Mumbai Paris-Munich
Paris-Newark Paris-Newcastle Paris-New York
Paris-Nice Paris-Nuremberg Paris-Oslo
Paris-Pittsburgh Paris-Porto Paris-Prague
Paris-Raleigh Durham Paris-Salt Lake City Paris-San Francisco
Paris-Seattle Paris-Stuttgart Paris-Toulouse
Paris-Vancouver Paris-Venice Paris-Vienna
Paris-Zurich Patna-Delhi Patna-Mumbai
Penang-Singapore Perth-Abu Dhabi Perth-Singapore
Philadelphia-Atlanta Philadelphia-Detroit Philadelphia-London
Philadelphia-Minneapolis Philadelphia-Salt Lake City Phoenix-Atlanta
Phoenix-New York Phoenix-Salt Lake City Phoenix-Seattle
Phuket-Singapore Pittsburgh-Atlanta Pittsburgh-Boston
Pittsburgh-Charles De Gaulle Pittsburgh-Detroit Pittsburgh-Minneapolis
Portland-Amsterdam Portland-Atlanta Portland-Detroit
Portland-London Portland-Los Angeles Portland-Minneapolis
Portland-New York Portland-Salt Lake City Portland-Seattle
Porto-Charles De Gaulle Port Blair-Chennai Port Blair-Delhi
Port Blair-Kolkata Prague-Amsterdam Prague-Charles De Gaulle
Pune-Abu Dhabi Pune-Amritsar Pune-Bengaluru
Pune-Chennai Pune-Coimbatore Pune-Delhi
Pune-Guwahati Pune-Hyderabad Pune-Indore
Pune-Kolkata Pune-Lucknow Pune-Mumbai
Raipur-Bhopal Raipur-Delhi Raipur-Mumbai
Rajahmundry-Hyderabad Rajkot-Chennai Rajkot-Mumbai
Raleigh Durham-Atlanta Raleigh Durham-Charles De Gaulle Raleigh Durham-Detroit
Raleigh Durham-Las Vegas Raleigh Durham-Minneapolis Raleigh Durham-Salt Lake City
Raleigh Durham-Seattle Riyadh-Delhi Riyadh-Mumbai
Rochester-New York Rome-Abu Dhabi Rome-Amsterdam
Rome-Bologna Rome-Charles De Gaulle Rome-Florence
Rome-London Rome-Naples Rome-Turin
Rome-Venice Rome-Verona Salt Lake City-Amsterdam
Salt Lake City-Atlanta Salt Lake City-Austin Salt Lake City-Boston
Salt Lake City-Charles De Gaulle Salt Lake City-Charlotte Salt Lake City-Cincinnati
Salt Lake City-Denver Salt Lake City-Detroit Salt Lake City-Las Vegas
Salt Lake City-London Salt Lake City-Los Angeles Salt Lake City-Minneapolis
Salt Lake City-New York Salt Lake City-Orlando Salt Lake City-Philadelphia
Salt Lake City-Phoenix Salt Lake City-Portland Salt Lake City-San Diego
Salt Lake City-San Francisco Salt Lake City-Seattle Salt Lake City-St Louis
San Diego-Atlanta San Diego-Los Angeles San Diego-New York
San Diego-Salt Lake City San Diego-Seattle San Francisco-Amsterdam
San Francisco-Atlanta San Francisco-Charles De Gaulle San Francisco-Detroit
San Francisco-London San Francisco-Los Angeles San Francisco-New York
San Francisco-Salt Lake City San Francisco-Seattle San Jose-Atlanta
San Jose-Los Angeles Seattle-Amsterdam Seattle-Atlanta
Seattle-Boston Seattle-Charles De Gaulle Seattle-Denver
Seattle-Detroit Seattle-Las Vegas Seattle-London
Seattle-Minneapolis Seattle-New York Seattle-Phoenix
Seattle-Portland Seattle-Salt Lake City Seattle-San Diego
Seattle-San Francisco Shanghai-Delhi Sharjah-Kochi
Silchar-Bengaluru Silchar-Delhi Silchar-Guwahati
Silchar-Kolkata Singapore- Singapore-Bangkok
Singapore-Bengaluru Singapore-Brisbane Singapore-Chennai
Singapore-Darwin Singapore-Delhi Singapore-Denpasar bali
Singapore-Hanoi Singapore-Hong Kong Singapore-ho chi minh city
Singapore-Incheon Singapore-Jakarta Singapore-Kuala Lumpur
Singapore-Melbourne Singapore-Mumbai Singapore-NADI
Singapore-Penang Singapore-Perth Singapore-Phuket
Singapore-Surabaya Singapore-Sydney Singapore-Tokyo
Srinagar-Dehradun Srinagar-Delhi Srinagar-Mumbai
Stuttgart-Amsterdam Stuttgart-Charles De Gaulle St Louis-Atlanta
St Louis-Salt Lake City Surabaya-Singapore Sydney-Bangkok
Sydney-Hong Kong Sydney-Singapore Tampa-Atlanta
Tampa-Cincinnati Tampa-New York Thiruvananthapuram-Abu Dhabi
Thiruvananthapuram-Bengaluru Thiruvananthapuram-Dammam Thiruvananthapuram-Delhi
Thiruvananthapuram-Doha Thiruvananthapuram-Kozhikode Thiruvananthapuram-Mumbai
Thiruvananthapuram-Muscat Thiruvananthapuram-Udaipur Tiruchirapalli-Chennai
Tokyo-Bangkok Tokyo-Delhi Tokyo-Hong Kong
Tokyo-Mumbai Tokyo-Singapore Toronto-Amsterdam
Toronto-London Toulouse-Charles De Gaulle Turin-Fiumicino
Udaipur-Bengaluru Udaipur-Delhi Udaipur-Jaipur
Udaipur-Mumbai Udaipur-Thiruvananthapuram Vadodara-Chennai
Vadodara-Hyderabad Vadodara-Kolkata Vadodara-Mumbai
Vancouver-Amsterdam Vancouver-Charles De Gaulle Vancouver-London
Varanasi-Bengaluru Varanasi-Delhi Varanasi-Khajuraho
Venice-Amsterdam Venice-Charles De Gaulle Venice-Fiumicino
Verona-Fiumicino Vienna-Amsterdam Vienna-Charles De Gaulle
visakhapatnam-Bhubaneswar visakhapatnam-Mumbai Warsaw-Amsterdam
Zurich-Abu Dhabi Zurich-Amsterdam Zurich-Charles De Gaulle

Jet Airways Flights to/from North-Eastern States

Jet Airways connects with Bagdogra, Jorhat, Imphal, Agartala, Aizawl, Silchar and Guwahati in north eastern part of India.

Bagdogra flights are operated from Delhi and Kolkata and the latter city is connected to Mumbai.

Guwahati can be reached from Delhi, Jorhat, Imphal, Silchar, Aizawl and Kolkata. While Delhi, in turn, is connected to Ahmedabad, Kolkata is connected to Chennai and Bengaluru.

Jorhat is connected to Kolkata and Guwahati. Kolkata is connected to Chennai and Bengaluru and Guwahati to Kolkata.

Silchar can be reached from Guwahti and Kolkata. Guwahati is connected to Kolkata and Chennai-Bengaluru. Kolkata is also connected to Chennai in turn.Imphal can be reached from Guwahati, Kolkata, Chennai and Bengaluru.

Jet Airways Flights Island Territories

The flight to Port Blair in Andaman and Nicobar Islands is flown from Kolkata and Chennai. The one from Kolkata can be reached from Delhi as well.

Jet Airways International Flights

Jet Airways flies to a number of international destinations as well. These include cities in Asia, Europe and North America.

Asia: It reaches Dubai from Delhi, Mumbai and Kochi; Sharjah from Kochi; Abu Dhabi from Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Kochi in India and from Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris in Europe; Dammam is reached from Delhi, Mumbai, Kochi, Kozhikode and Thiruvananthapuram; Doha can be reached from Delhi, Mumbai, Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram; Muscat from Delhi, Mumbai, Kochi and Thiruvanathapuram; Riyadh from Mumbai; Jeddah from Mumbai; Bahrain from Mumbai; Kathmandu from Delhi and Mumbai; Dhaka from Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata; Colombo from Mumbai; Bangkok from Delhi, Mumbai and Ho Chi Minh City; Ho Chi Minh City from Bangkok, Hong Kong and Singapore; Singapore from Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Ho Chi Minh City; Hong Kong from Delhi, Mumbai and Ho Chi Minh City.

Europe: jet Airways flies to only 4 destinations in Europe. These are Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris and London. Jet Airways flights to London are operated from Delhi and Mumbai. Flight to Amsterdam are reached from Delhi and Mumbai in India, Abu Dhabi in Gulf, Paris in Europe and Toronto and Neward in Canada. Similarly Brussels is connected to Toronto and Newark in North America, Abu Dhabi in Gulf and Delhi and Mumbai in India. Flights to/from Paris are operated from/to Abu Dhabi, Amsterdam and Mumbai.

USA and Canada: Flights to Toronto are operated from Amsterdam and Brussels in Europe, which is, in turn, connected to Delhi. Newars is connected with direct flight from Amsterdam and to Brussels which is, in turn, connected to Mumbai.

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