Jet Airways Tickets

Ticket Booking

Jet Airways tickets can be booked online, simply from your laptop or from your mobile application. These can also be booked through travel agent.

Changes to Ticketed Itinerary

For tickets once booked, Jet Airways does not allow change of name of passengers. The ticket has to be cancelled and then rebooked for the same.

For domestic flight sectors within India, any change to confirmed ticket which has been paid for in INR can be done not later than 1 hour before departure of flight. This change includes cancellation, postponement or changing the itinerary of the flight. Interestingly, if this change results in moving from higher fare to the lower fare, the airline charges a re-issuance fee as well. A 25% cancellation charge on basic fare is applicable for fully published fare tickets when it is cancelled. However, for special fares which are brought out by the airline from time to time, the associated cancellation charges shall be seen before booking the tickets.

For international sector flights of Jet Airways, the cancellation charges depend on route of travel. Therefore, passengers are required to check for the rules of cancellation while booking tickets.

Jet Airways Refunds Policy
Refunds are processed as per the original currency, country and form of payment. It shall be noted that the tickets bought outside India would be refunded in that country only.
For travel within India, the refunds remain valid till 13 months from the date of issue of tickets.

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